Our physiotherapists follow the process of complete physical assessment and then advice a planned course of treatment accordingly. In some cases certain special tests may be employed to understand the condition of the patient in a better way. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, MMP in short, has its roots in Australia where Dr. James Cyrix, G.D. Maitland, Mr. David Butler, Mr. Mark Jones, Prof. Patricia Trott, and Prof, Ruth Grant pioneered it. It is considered the most advanced method of evaluation of postural and physical dysfunction. For different structures such as ligaments, discs, tendon, fascia, muscle, and joint, it incorporates a series of standardized testing procedures. Based on clinical evidence, this is followed by individualized management. Addressing the root cause of pain, the outcome of this procedure is safe, fast and quite predictable. The following musculoskeletal disorders are treated under this: Head and neck pain, Jaw pain, Chest pain, Facet Join syndrome, Stiff Shoulder, Hell pain, Myofascial Trigger points, Intervertebral Disc Prolapse.
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