Unloc Ltd is a UK-based company that focuses on consulting, design & development of products & solutions to enhance customer experience of businesses worldwide.

Unloc stands for Universal Language Of Customers. Unloc Ltd was found in January 2009 on a cold winter evening in London. It now have branches in India & Malaysia with channel partners all over the globe. UNLOC remained an enterprise consulting & design company until 2016.

UNLOC launched CXONCLOUD, an all-in-one app for customer experience for micro, small & medium businesses in 2017. CXONCLOUD is world’s first all-in-one app for customer experience management. Unloc also created the world’s first e-commerce portal run by mothers worldwide in 2018. It’s called Kadaiveedhi.Shop. Unloc Ltd is now in conversations with government of India, United Kingdom, Singapore & Malaysia to create a customer experience as a business skill for micro, small & medium enterprises.

Brand Unloc Ltd